Jada Monica Drew believes in your power as a leader & a change agent. Are you ready to live into your passion & purpose?Imagine working with Jada to transform your work environment from stressful to stress free, from diverse to inclusive. Imagine your work team becoming truly connected. Imagine what it would be like to happily look forward to work in the morning. Imagine you and the people you work with becoming more efficient, and getting more done in less time. 


Jada Monica Drew is a dynamic and intentional speaker. She connects with her audiences with inspiration, humor, and clear action steps for change. You will remember clear steps for action, you will feel affirmed, and you will be motivated to continue your own learning. Jada challenges audiences to rethink challenges and to tap into their full potential to discover their own solutions.  Browse the Media Kit to find a topic that fits your needs.

Busy Day?  These 60 second soundbites may "Revolutionize" your thinking.

She always affirms the potential and greatness within me.
— Alexandria Gregory


Jada is a highly acclaimed engaging educator, with Social Designs, who has trained thousands globally in how to communicate clearly, how to become more efficient members of a team and how to be more culturally competent. Jada is the go-to person that organizations seek after to enhance the workplace environment by helping co-workers become unified with a sense of purpose and vision, which in turn boosts productivity, decreases workplace stress, and makes work an all around enjoyable environment to be in.

Jada is a gifted facilitator & communicator and on my list for top people to watch.
— Deangela Carter- Communities In Schools