About Jada


I want to celebrate the good in all of us. I want to move people to ignite their creative leadership power. I want to be a catalyst for sustainable, healthy, and prosperous change.
— Jada Monica Drew


Jada is a highly acclaimed engaging facilitator and speaker who has trained thousands globally in how to communicate clearly, how to become more efficient members of a team and how to be more culturally competent. Serving as the lead consultant of Social Designs Consulting, Jada is the go-to person that organizations seek after to enhance the workplace environment by helping co-workers become unified with a sense of purpose and vision, which in turn boosts productivity, decreases workplace stress, and makes work an all around enjoyable environment to be in.


Jada was instrumental in transforming the diversity landscape and policy implementations at Guilford College and Leadership for Educational Equity to name a few. Jada also serves on the planning committee of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce Training Program Other Voices and the lead organizer for the Youth Action Project of the White Privilege Conference.


She has keynoted at the New England Association of Independent Schools "I am Culture" at Pike School, keynoted at the White Privilege Symposium at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, served as a United Nations DPNGO panelist, served as the keynote and forum facilitator at Rich Square Creecy Black History program to name a few. No matter the organization or topic, Jada will move the audience into reflection, action, and a better understanding of diversity and leadership. 


95% of Jada's clients are returning clients whom she has built long-term relationships.  She understands the strength of building & sustaining relationships. Her training background includes: Kellogg Community College Center for Diversity & Innovation, American Friends Service Committee, Leadership for Educational Equity, Wiley Elementary, The Privilege Institute, City of Greensboro, Guilford College, Winston Salem State University, Green For All, Eugene School District, YMCA, Guilford County Schools, Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, Durham County Department of Social Services, and The Graduate School for International Training. 



Education & Certifications

Drexel University, MA | Guilford College, BS | Green for All Fellow | Intercultural Development Inventory- Qualified Administrator | Roots of Success- Certified Trainer | True Colors International- Qualified Administrator