Revolutionize Now: Creative Leadership & Action for Social Change


Revolutionize Now: Creative Leadership & Action for Social Change


Revolutionize Now is a call to action guiding readers to discover their personal power to create social change. The author candidly shares her experiences as an educator and an activist and also reviews the absence of equity in communities. Told from a youthful, powerful, open-hearted perspective, this book boldly announces the fearlessness that sets this generation's leaders apart and serves as a call to action to those who are fear-stricken or stilled by apathy.

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Revolutionize Now captures the sentiment and the inventiveness of many of the great social justice organizers of our time. Ms. Drew has brillantly written a user-friendly and constructive guide to becoming an effective agent for change. As an educator of middle and upper school students, I've been looking for materials/books that could support our theoretical framework and enhance our social justice and equity curriculum. I'm inspired by Ms. Drew's efforts and grateful that I've found a book that truly helps develop leadership in young people. -Jeffrey Cox

We all are Revolutionaries. Jada has awaken us! Jada's book is very educational, motivational, and inspiring. The book is a must "read" for all ages. The very first chapter grabs your mind and has you on edge for the next chapter reading. This book moves you to think abut the past and the present and what you can do to better yourself and community. Jada has written about a few of her own personal situations in which I'm positive we all can relate to.             -Amazon Review

Currently, I'm at Seminary in NY and have been a community-organizer for 12 years. The same way Dr. King carried a copy of and was transformed by "Jesus and the disinherited" written by Howard Thurman, I will carry this book with me from my first settled reading and the skimming. The book is a clear presentation of the revolutionary spirit in the form of a guided meditation. As an author, you are taking care of your readers step by step with opportunities to journal and I have already benefited from your story. Thank you for having the courage to be, "always becoming" in this world and to "do" something that has made my living more deeply experienced and I'm sure you will continue to do the same for other. Great work!             -Wesley Morris

This book is so empowering! I love that it is also interactive and forces you to really put pen to paper to make concrete and actionable goals. If you've ever had difficulty turning your words into action, then this is the book for you! -Amazon Review