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Jada shares with leaders of Winston Salem State University during the 'Creative Leadership & Action for Social Change' workshop. She shared three things to remember: 1-There are Times When Passion Finds You 2- Magic is Discovered 3- Revolution Requires Evolution  


encourage creative thinking for your team

Setting the space for your team is very important.  Engage the agency of your audience. This can be done through conversation, music, visual art, or movement activities.  When people are open and practice reflective thinking they will be more comfortable to share from their heart. They will be more comfortable AND motivated with diving into the work. 


go from a good to great leader

Intentional leadership is important to create impact. Understand what makes you magical and what you are an expert in. When there are times you are nervous and anxious, just breathe and know your purpose.  Live your purpose out loud, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Find ways to tap into your creativity to keep the organization fresh and innovative. 

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